Happy Fall & Pumpkin Investigation Time!

I just LOVE fall!  Yes, the summer is the best time for heading to the beach and re-energizing for the upcoming school year, but fall is special.  The apples & pumpkins, back to school sales, newly laminated posters, the slightly cooler weather {well, not THIS year...it's still in the high 80s here in So Cal!  Gulp!}...it's just my favorite season!  It means the holidays are right around the corner.

I love my job and heading back to school is fun and exciting for me.  All of those fresh little second grade faces bright-eyed and ready to absorb whatever I say, is a feeling like no other.  Simply the best!

As soon as October hits the calendar wall, I like to trade my shiny apples for plump pumpkins!  I have a few Halloween decorations up and activities planned, like Hope King's Spooktacular Halloween Math Centers.  But, overall I like to stick with the general theme of fall.

One of my students' favorite activities is our Pumpkin Investigation!  We bring in small or large pumpkins to practice several language, math, and science skills.  We've done these activities spread out over the course of the season OR, jam-packed them all into one day, our celebratory Pumpkin Day!  Some years we do the activities whole class, and other years we divide up into table groups with a parent at each table leading the charge.  Either way works for our class.  Here's a little preview...

I like this set because it's very appropriate for my advanced learners as well as my other students...just depends on how much scaffolding I give to each group.  You can do what works best for your students!  If you'd like to check this out, it's on sale now in my TeachersPayTeachers Store.  {CLICK HERE} to take a peek.

Here's to fall...pumpkin spiced candles and all!
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