Meet the Teach!

Hi all!  I'm a laid-back beach girl who loves to be creative at home and shake things up in the classroom.  I love learning new things and am always sharing what I've learned with my colleagues and friends.  I thought this blog would be a great way to spread the teacher awesomeness I find all over the place as well as share some nifty products with you.  I have a TeachersPayTeachers store for educational resources and an Etsy Shop for Mommy resources and party supplies.

I was born and raised right here in sunny Southern California and I have never wanted to leave!  My hunky hubby {a die-hard Oregon Ducks fan} has lived many places around the country, but the sand and surf have luckily kept him here!  Woo hoo!  We have two adorable little girls that I smother with kisses constantly and a rambunctious dog named Daisy that chews everything in sight.

I got my first taste of teaching when I began helping out at my family's Montessori Schools while still in school.  I loved the environment, the excitement, and especially the children.  I stuck close to the beach as I attended UC Santa Barbara for my undergraduate and graduate studies.  I earned my Masters in Education and began teaching at the elementary level right away.

Luckily, I landed a job right away back in my home town teaching 5th grade.  I LOVED the 5th graders right away and taught at that level for 9 years.  When I became preggers with my first little angel, I decided to descend the grade level ladder and head to 2nd grade {which is where I still am}.  I can honestly admit there is SO much more grading to do at home as an upper grade teacher, and as a new mommy, I knew I wouldn't have time for that. I trotted off to primary-land and traded the extra grading at night for extra enthusiasm during the teaching day.

Being a working mother is a tough, tough job.  I was heartbroken to leave my sweet baby girl at home everyday, so I sought out a good friend of mine to job-share with me.  The planets must have aligned perfectly because we have been job-sharing since 2008 and loving EVERY minute of it.  I LOVE my partner, school, colleagues, principal, parents, and especially the little 7 year olds I get to hang out with everyday.  I am truly blessed to be the Teach at the Beach!

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